1970-1979 XS650 Charging System using Solid State Reg/Rect 24-2089

OK, so I have seen a lot of forums with people asking how to wire up the Mikes XS (Which are actually Ricks Electrosport units, part number 24-2089) solid state regulator/rectifier units on early XS650′s… but I have yet to see a diagram that makes sense… so here’s one I made earlier. 

As the PDF says, I have fitted many of these and normally they work great. However, I have come across a few that simply don’t work out of the box. To test this it’s very simple… just connect the blue wire to a live 12V feed and the green to ground, the measure the voltage at the orange wire and it should read close to 12V. If it doesn’t, the unit is bad. Hopefully this will save a lot of head scratching from anyone fitting one of these units for the first time.