This bike will always have a special place for me as it was the first complete build by Limey Bikes in the building we are in now.
This poor machine had suffered a cataclysmic engine meltdown 20 years ago (due to having no oil in the engine) that rendered everything inside the engine junk except for the main crank casings.
As everything had to be rebuilt, it was decided to make this poor Special a little 'Extra-Special' and make it perform better than stock. The motor was completely rebuilt, including a new crank, and the head was gas-flowed to make it breathe properly. All the suspension and chassis was also rebuilt using better springs, bushings and anything else that would make it handle and brake like a more modern machine. To top the engine off, a pair of VM34 Mikunis and a Bub exhaust was fitted... and everything else was painted and powder-coated to make it look pretty.
The owner (David Betts) visited the shop recently and these photos were actually taken five years after the bike was built and is still running like a champ.