I have always rated the GS1000 as the first real superbike because unlike the Z1 and CB range, the GS was the first Japanese bike that actually had half decent brakes and handling.for it's powerful 1000 cc motor, which put out 90 HP stock... which was a very respectful figure for the late 70's.
This particular GS was a stock, mildly crash damaged 1978 GS1000E that needed a good going over and some performance tuning to make it work like it should. Also, a nice set of the coveted Mikuni VM29SS smoothbore carbs (an optional upgrade in the 70's for the KZ and GS range) was a must for this Barry Sheene inspired 80's style street fighter.
Together with a comfortable riding position, healthy weight loss diet and a few performance upgrades, this raspy 4 cylinder wants to go... pretty quickly considering it's advanced age.


  • VM29SS Smoothbore carbs
  • Barry Sheene-esque paintwork
  • 4-1 Stainless race exhaust
  • Dyna ignition and simplified wiring
  • 530 Chain conversion
  • Stainless brake lines