Sometimes we just feel sorry for a particular machine... and this was one of those times. This poor little 1971 Honda SL125 looked like it had been left in a field for a couple of decades, and as it turned out, that's what had happened (see depressing pics below).
But, the small Honda singles are if nothing, resilient! Plus they are a great first bike and are getting harder to find in reasonable shape. Admittedly, this bike was a labor of love as the only things that could be saved were the frame, engine, front hub and half the bodywork... everything else is new.
The end result turned out to be an extremely easy bike to ride with a whopping top speed of about 55-60 mph, which is enough to keep up with Austin's horrific drivers and pot-hole filled roads. I would even go as far as to say, this little thing is one of our favorites for bringing a smile to anyone's face. Seriously, have you ever seen anyone looking sad on a small Honda thumper?