Yet another bike in a box to try to make into a nice little street XS650. It started out as a 1978 XS650 standard model and the end goal was to build something light, easy to ride and quick.
As we started out with a very incomplete bike, we thought we would go the simplified route to make it as light as possible without spending a huge amount of cash. The result was this skinny (the tank is a Special tank), quick little machine that's really fun to ride and after all the chassis mods, handles as well as it looks.


  • Completely rebuilt motor with 700cc big bore kit, gas flowed head and Shell No.1 cam
  • VM34 Mikuni round-slides
  • Pamco ignition
  • Custom simplified wiring with lithium battery
  • 2 into 2 megaphone exhaust
  • Porsche metallic grey paint