Life for this 1982 GS1100E started out being painted in Dallas Cowboys colors by the original owner back in the 80's. Now owned by the owners son-in-law, he wanted to get it back on the road from a decade of neglect.
The bike was in fair shape to start with, but the tank had rusted through (stupid ethanol) and the carbs were quite horrific. So, we decided to give it a partial makeover but also try to make it look like Suzuki created it in the first place. Plus we wanted to make it run a little better (which is not hard after not running at all for 10 years). 
Originally, we suggested a Barry Sheene paint scheme, which quickly turned into the Wes Cooley scheme (which is very similar) used on the original GS1000. But, as the GS1000 is a completely different shape, we had to design the lines around the GS1100 flowing bodywork. We think it's pretty... and it runs like a scalded ape.


  • V&H 4 into 1 exhaust system
  • Stainless front brake and anti-dive lines
  • Wes Cooley tribute paint scheme