Ugh... not another cafe CB350 I said as a rolling chassis with stupid rearsets that had been started by another shop in California and was abandoned after 3 years turned up.
So, I called the owner and asked the following: " where are you going to ride this the most?" and "Is this your first bike?". After the answer was "mostly in town", and "yes it is", I suggested abandoning the cafe thing and moving towards street tracker style as it's way easier to ride and more fun IMHO. Plus, when do you see tracker CB's on the street?
We started with a rolling chassis and a lot of missing parts, so we started with the giant TW200 tires (DOT tracker style) and worked up from there. The tank was painted in the original 1970 Honda livery and the aluminum seat was painted to match by our awesome paint guy (Ben Tisdale), with a fancy-pants frenched LED tail light. Carbs are up-jetted stock carbs with UNI filters and straight header pipes... it's loud and very responsive.
The aim of this bike was 'keep it simple', which it is... very.