This is not just an XS650 made to look like it can flat track, but a veteran flat track racer made into a street tracker.
Raced in the vintage stock class in Waco, the bare-bones XS650 sported a gas flowed head, shell race cam and the 19" mags that are on the bike still. All the original running gear was retained, checked, rebuilt and refitted to a more road-friendly setup.
The result is a very tight, easy-to-ride setup with plenty of power... it even has electric start.

Side note: This bike can be seen in the first part of Episode 4, Season 1 of "Ride with Norman Reedus" (Texas episode)


  • Progressive shocks, forks, 19" rims, upgraded brakes
  • Mikuni VM34′s and Pamco hall effect ignition
  • Radian swingarm and Taper steering bearings
  • Gas flowed head, Shell No.1 race cam, stainless exhaust
  • Fabricated battery box with lithium battery, simplified wiring